YEIIS is presented in order to breed the next generation of youth entrepreneurial giants who are ready to contribute positively to the nation’s economic growth, to boost the national GDP, and reduce the level of unemployment to the barest minimum as far as they are willing to revamp their entrepreneurial skills as a great means to an end, taking advantage of this brilliant idea.

Ebunlobinrin Foundation looks forward to having a whole new generation of young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs inspired to succeed from the effects and impacts of YEIIS. The purpose of this special scheme is to help the young and actively energetic minds to find new way of metamorphozising into the financial giants contributing positively to the economic development of a state and national at large.

Participant of this noble Scheme will at the end of the process have gained strength to finally attain the summit of financial independence, believing in their viable business ideas, hard work and sufficient financial literacy to access the necessary credit facilities made available to them by the government and various financial institutions.

YEIIS is expected to prepare, package and empower participants to be able to break the barrier of inadequate funding and unemployment.