Talking About Iyalode Bisoye Tejuoso Film Project

The Bisoye Tejuoso Film Project specifically provides incomparable opportunities for demonstrating your brand identity and commitment towards women development. Financial Inclusion is vital to poverty eradication. Changing mindset and cultural perspective is very important, given the traditionally assumed inferior status ascribed to women. Films are critical components of this reorientation process; and visuals with strong cultural historical value have proven quite exceptional in addressing social challenges, empowering people with confidence, capacity and facts that can break down barriers.

This project has been endorsed by His Royal Majesty, Oba Dapo Tejuoso, supported by Ogun State Government. Sponsors will be strategically positioned and visible in sustainability leadership. In addition to pre-events, events and post-events activities, you will benefit from extensive branding and media coverage as per terms, as well as generate new business opportunities among other things.