Ebunlobinrin Foundation, a woman and girl-child Empowerment initiative is an N. G. O, focused on steady increase in Self – Awareness and access to information of the African girl-child. We have emerged as beacons of light to the world of girl-child/women in this country where they have been known to shoulder enormous burden as a direct results of societal values, which has left the African girl-child/women at a disadvantage and discriminative position right from her conception. The African communities has neglected the nature’s enormous endowment of girl-child/women, her inner strength, unflinching passion and unfailing energy. This has created a bias in the developing world that we cannot but tend to the cause and effect of such upheavals in the African communities and Nigeria at large. We at Ebunlobinrin Foundation leverage on this belief that there is a vast number of untapped resources buried in the female gender, especially amongst the underprivileged and misinformed group found usually in the rural and semi-urban communities in Nigeria, and Africa at large. Today in Nigeria, there are women who have broken inexplicable grounds as a consequence of inspiration drawn from women who intentionally made history in the past creating a path for the future generation to thread in. One of these history makers is First Female Industrialist in Nigeria in person of Late (Chief) Mrs. Bisoye Esther Tejuoso. Her astounding life of excellence, foresight, uprightness, mentorship and unequalled managerial skills enhanced her bagging the highest title of the third Iyalode of Egba Land. The records of her unequalled paralyphenia and her highest level of financial independence and astonishing success informed our decision to select her as a role model for this group of young girls/women. Hence, we came with the idea of producing a film in honour of this Legendary Icon and mother to inspire the ingenuity ingrained in the African girl child.


We strongly belief that the biography will help the young girl out there believe in herself and discover the gigantic rays of greatness she is capable of emanating if she is committed to the right values with dogged determination to rise beyond the summit of her dreams. This story, we are sure, will portray to the world, the limitless nature of a woman, if only she can belief in herself. We hope the girl on the street, in the walls of the secondary schools, higher institutions, in the office, through this story finds a reason to keep working on her dreams knowing it’s not only possible to be a great mother, but also a giant successful industrialist, in an economy so much dominated by their male counterparts.

The Decision to produce this film which we believe shall become a bestselling and inspirational TV SERIES stems from recent research of a faster delivery of messages to the target population through mass media with a high level of positive impact.

The TV SERIES will be 3-hours play divided into 13-episodes. This will be launched and promoted across various media houses, exhausting all available modern means of mass media. For the rural and public schools which are our main target, we intend to organize self awareness Workshops for girls where they will be Prep-Talks and showing of the TV series, Free. Girls will be Encouraged and Counseled, daring them to be next award winning African female industrialist like Mama. At the end of the workshop, participants will be interviewed and their views will help proffer solution to the problems faced by the young minds in the society. We hope to cover all the southern geopolitical zones and beyond strategically as the need arises.


  1. To help reshape the views, ideas and actions of the girl-child towards life.
  2. To change societal perception about the ability of a girl-child.
  3. To make the girl-child emanate positive display of determination, uncompromising drive and ethics at all times.
  4. To create girl-child with heightened self esteem and induce better performance in their academic and economic world.
  5. To portray the true effect of role models on the lives of youths generally.
  6. To create astounding industrialist from the upcoming generation of girls.
  7. To influence tremendous number of low-income kids to aspire for affluence through hard-work, courage and dogged determination.
  8. To help the young girls take the right decision and make good judgment at every challenging crossroads.
  9. To help the girl-child cultivate successful work habit that will lead to a successful career.