Asa Wa (Our Culture) Project Details

The increasing wave of crimes and loss of moral compass in several communities is being occasioned by neglect of cultural heritage and values, influenced by internet and television contents, among other factors. It is beyond doubt that every well meaning stakeholder has a duty to be concerned. Without a concerted effort to restore order and dignity of our heritage, incidences of rape, gangsterism, kidnapping and disrespect for elders will ultimately lead to a breach of peace, safety, governance and facilitate civil unrest.

Women remain the bedrock of every society and actual agents of cultural fertility. Given the importance of heritage and values to citizens’ safety and empowerment, “Asa Wa” programming has become quite needful for the preservation and promotion in Ogun State and the entire Yoruba race.


The Programme

Our Culture “Asa Wa”, is an initiative of Ebunlobinrin Foundation in collaboration with Ogun State Government to inform, entertain, sensitize and educate women on their roles in preserving and nurturing our rich culture and values.



The purpose of this project is to educate women on important issues such as morals, values, conduct, dressing, attitude and other attributes so they can be good models for upcoming generations.


Expected Outcomes

The programme is expected to inspire revival and renewal of Yoruba cultural heritage and values. The programme will directly train three thousand (3000) leading women in three (3) batches, drawn from the grass roots, leaders of communities, and other positions of influence across all sectors for the programme.


Benefits, Impacts, M & E

The initiative is consistent with Nigeria’s Economic Recovery and Growth Strategy on tourism, creative industries, solid minerals and informal sector mainstreaming. The socio-economic impact also includes support for MSMEs, enhancement of Cooperatives, and Environmental Sustainability. The projected impact is three levels deep, spread across the State, targeting three million people within immediate sphere of influence, beyond which the possibilities become infinite. An appropriate monitoring and evaluation framework has been integrated with the programme.